Music video

Directed by Juana Wein
Idea by Tangfrank & Abc Dialect
1st Assistant Director Berta Galvany
DOP Maxime Berger
Art direction / Styling Tangfrank
Editing Juana Wein & Maxime Berger
Color by Inès Henry-Manceau (Keepgrading)
Executive Producers Marcelo & Tomas Susevich
Production Anna Asensio
Production Manager Malena Grandio
Music by Abc Dialect
Song Performed by Abc Dialect, David Davis, Leo Geller, Lydia Kitto,
Clara & Tomas Susevich, Luca Oliva Knight & Spearman Bros
Recorded by Daniel Nentwig & Lazlo
Mixed by Tom from The Future
Mastered by Jaime Estalella

Special thanks to Ale Ortiz, Ali Acosta Pinto, Tito, Alberto Perez, Felipe
Mina Calvo, Kitsuné Musique, & everyone who made this possible.
We love you.

Shot on Kodak 16mm - Bolex EBM